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If a child hardly eats and is yet very active, is it a problem?

Q: My son is 2 years old. He eats the bare minimum but he is very tall and twice the size of most children his age. On an average, he eats one cracker and 1 piece of bacon or maybe a slice of bread and lots of fluids in a day. I give him vitamins to make up his lack of food intake. Otherwise, he is fine and happy. Anyone who meets him and sees him eat cannot believe the amount he eats and yet remains so active. He has loads of energy throughout the day and I have no idea where he gets it from. Should I be worried? On another not, one other worry I have is that in the past few days his stools have been grey, and lacking of moisture. very much like silly putty. Should I be worried? (form is filled out for him by mother)

A:If a child is active, healthy performing routine activities normally but eating less, this may be fine. If your child is very tall, as you say double the size of other peers, get him checked by a paediatric endocrinologist to rule out if he has any endocrine problem.


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