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I look older than my age, what should I do?

Q: I am 20 years old. Due to some family problems, my nature and the fact that I am the only son of my parents, I used to remain very tense and depressed. Now that when I am a youth, I look like a 30+ man with children. My cheeks are loose, there is no glow on my face, I have dark circles below my eyes and my face is very big. My hair is also dry. I have to work out very hard to keep my weight constant at around 80 kg. I am 6 feet tall. My bones are thick and heavy. I am least energetic in my class. My classmates call me sir/sahib. I don't look like a boy anymore and appear very mature by face and body. I am trying to be less tense and I have started running. But when I see myself in the mirror, my mood changes. I read that, when a person remains stressed then the body adapts to that mood. Then even if you try the mind never remains relaxed. I always have a very anxious sleep. I fear everything. I have a big body but a small mind. My blood pressure is normal. My TSH is normal. But I am not enjoying my life. How can one enjoy life when you look over aged! Does this problem have any solution or is it too late now? Do I need to see a doctor? I think my case is of accelerated ageing due to stress. No one in the world can say that I am 20 years old.

A:I would like you to cheer up first. You have a solution to your problem. There’s no need to feel upset. I suggest, you start going for morning walks. Later, when you feel you can manage a good 45 minutes walk, without missing a single day for at least 15 days, start going to a gym to lose weight and gradually you will feel better, energetic and start looking better. For a few days keep to your routine and avoid mixing with the crowd that upsets you and you will be fine. If they cannot make you feel better, they are not worth bothering about. Within a few months you will be back to your good physique and looks and everything will be fine.


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