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I have multiple problems, will these affect my performance in sports?

Q: I was diagnosed with mild heart murmur 3 years ago and acute bronchitis a year ago. Since I am still a teenaged girl, my parents won't tell me what these ilnesses are and how serious can they be. I am a very active person in sports and I play for the country thus I was wondering if these sickness will affect my performances. Furthermore, I have been suffering quietly of shortness of breath and also chest pains. The chest pains are most of the time unbearable and I am forced to stay still and take in less air so as to decrease the pressure asserted on my chest. Also, my hands and legs may easily tremble at times like old people do. They just keep vibrating and it is quite difficult for me to control them. Why is that happening?

A:A murmur does not necessarily mean a heart problem. Many ladies have a valve prolapse which is usually does not pose problems and in fact may disappear as you grow. As you are 18 years old, you should be able to convince your parents to see the doctor's reports or better still, talk to your doctor directly. Chest pain while resting and tremors are usually not problems related to your heart. Also the shortness of breath with heart problems makes people breathless (pant for breath), and not breathe silently as you describe. I have good reason to believe that you do not have any significant heart problem. But I would advise you to talk to your doctor as there are heart conditions in which athletic activities may not be advisable.


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