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I have multiple lipomas, will I get cancer later?

Q: I have multiple lipomas everywhere on hands, thighs, stomach, back and on waist and I observed that they have grown. All these happened from last three years, but now every week I am finding new ones. And sometimes I feel little itching and next day I will see the new one on that place. Three years back The first one which is on the forehead has been operated by the surgeon and sent for some tests and by test results doctor said nothing to worry. Now I am in Europe and last week I consulted the surgeon and he said that they are lipomas and there is no medicine for that. But some of our friends told that they may turn in to cancer in future. I am very much worried about this. Can't we stop the birth of new ones and their growth? I am also not willing to marry due to this. So, please respond in detail about these and effects that I may face in future. I was diagnosed with anxiety neurosis and allergic rhinitis, five years back. Is it due to this?

A:Multiple lipomas are benign swellings arising from fat in the tissues. There is no way to prevent them from appearing if one is predisposed to them. However, if one of them becomes painful or starts growing rapidly it may need to be removed for pathological examination. It has no relationship to anxiety or other stress disorders. By and large they are harmless apart from the cosmetic problems they cause. They are not related to the type of diet ingested.


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