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I have E.coli in my urine, will it affect childbearing?

Q: My urine culture report showed Escherichia coli with significant bacteriuria of more than one million CFU/ml. Will this effect my spouse? We want to try for a child, can we go ahead? How did I contract this? What is the treatment? I get burning sensation while passing urine and so is the case with my wife? Will it affect her uterus? I had sex with my wife many times without a condom controlling my ejaculation.

A:You can repeat the test with proper collection method of urine, don't take morning sample, take urine in bottle after retracting the prepuce, and take the middle portion of urine for culture. Also take a sample for routine test. If by this method your urine is still infected, take a course of antibiotic according to sensitivity and go ahead for baby. There is no harm in sex even your report is showing infection. Don't think too much.


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