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I get severe pain after running on the treadmill, should I discontinue it?

Q: I joined the gym for three months. Everyday, when I start exercising I jog on the treadmill and ensure that I run for 3 km and slowly increase the speed of the treadmill. After each run on the treadmill I continue to run on the vinyl floor with a few skipping exercises. At the end of my workout I experience severe pain in the bones which start from the ankles and radiate towards the knee caps. Do I have to stop running hereafter? I am trying to reduce my weight by running. Please help me out.

A:There are many ways to reduce weight, brisk walking being one of them. Since you are having pain in the legs, I suggest that you walk rather than jog on the treadmill. It may not seem like much but there are other variables you can play with: You can increase the time that you spend on the treadmill; that means that the distance will also increase. You can do a simple test to know whether you are walking fast enough. If you can sing while you are walking, you should try and go a little faster! By using your arms, bent at the elbows and moving them back and forward, you can increase your pace without much difficulty.


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