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I feel hungry too frequently and want to lose weight?

Q: Dear Doctor, I am a diabetic with fasting blood sugar of 80 and PP blood sugar of 140 and my HbA1c is 6%. Also my microalbumin level in urine is less than 100. My lipid profiles are all within normal limits and urea & creatinine are also normal. I am taking glucomet 850 everyday one in the morning and one at night after food. I have hypoglycemic episodes. My B/P level is 120/80 to 130/80. I take Losar 25 one a day in the morning as recommended by my doctor. I have got myself a comprehensive check up. An endoscopy of my stomach revealed no abnormality. However my gastroenterologist recommended Itza and Esoz 40mg one a day before food. There is no problem of stomach irritation or stomach pain. But the only problem faced is that I get hungry every three hours. I feel it is a nuisance and it could increase my calorie intake. As such what should I do to prevent it. I am getting hungry too frequently. My weight remains at 110 kg for long periods (5 yrs or more). Iam 6 ft. 1 inch tall with a heavy frame. I walk for about 45 mt everyday in the morning. I dont know how to reduce my weight. Please guide me as to what should I do to become slim and not eat so frequently?

A:You do need to loose 20-25 kgs and that’s quite an uphill task for you. I would suggest: (1)Keep your walking to 20-25 minutes. (2)Do aerobic exercises for 20 minutes or so (3)Try and do swimming thrice a week. (4)Check your blood sugar before and after a workout. (5)Hydrate yourself with plenty of liquids. Have about 500 millilitres 2 hours before the exercises. Water is best, unless you have symptoms of hypoglycemia, then it is better to have fruit juice or glucose in water. (6)Try and do your exercises in the morning. (7)Be aware of your own blood sugar patterns. (8)Feeling hungry and your need to eat cannot be overlooked. If this requirement is not fulfilled, you may suffer from delayed hypoglycemia. As you exercise, it will help change your metabolism in a positive way, bring down your weight and your diabetes related problems will reduce.


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