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I am unable to get a kidney donor for my father, what should I do?

Q: My dad is facing acute renal failure and I am not getting any donor of kidney, please help. His creatinine level is 13.5 and his BUN is also raised. I am his only son and not the same blood group and without donors I am helpless; so please help me. Where can I get a kidney as the law says only the blood related guys can give his kidney?

A:You should not feel discouraged as there are options. It is clear that your father has end stage kidney failure and without proper treatment, his health will progressively get worse. While you work on transplant options, you should seek the advice of a nephrologist and initiate him on dialysis. As you already may know there are two types of dialysis therapy: Haemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis. As far as the transplant goes, the potential donor does not have to be blood relative. As far as I know, Human Organ Transplantation Act, 1994 states that living donor can be a near relative. Near relatives are defined as spouse, brother, sister, son or daughter. The Act also has provisions for donations from second degree relatives and others who might act out of genuine love and affection or altruism. So, you can talk to your relatives, friends and other family members to find out if anyone else is interested in kidney donation.


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