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I am suffering from irregular heart beats, what should I do?

Q: My age is 54 years. I am suffering from irregular heart beat. My pulse is also irregular. I am hypertensive and have hyper triglyceridemia. My blood is controlled by following drugs: Amlodipin 5 mg; Atenalol 50 mg; Alprazolam .25 mg; Fluoxitine 20 mg per day. I am taking above treatment for last 10 years and I was normal till day before yesterday. My weight is 63 kg for last 25 years. Yesterday it started with thumping sensation in retrosternal area of the chest. My ECG shows the premature heart beat. Kindly suggest me measures to bring the situation in control including necessary investigation. The symptoms are still present.

A:Missed beats are seen frequently even in healthy persons. You need to have an echocardiography and a exercise ECG testing. If the echo shows a normal left ventricular function and the TMT is normal the missed beats do not need any specific measures. The BP control and keeping physically fit by regular exercise programme etc is very important. I think you need to add a statin group of drug in your treatment under supervision of your treating doctor. this is a recommendation for all hypertensives needing medicines and you in addition have lipid abnormality also.


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