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How will a hole in the ear drum heal?

Q: I was having itching in both my ears for sometime and had pain in my right ear for one or two days. I went to an ENT doctor who said it is due to fungal infection and cleaned my right ear with water. While cleaning some two to three drops of water came through my nose. He told me that my right ear drum is having a small hole due to heavy cold, because of that some drops of cold are deposited in my ear and I got the fungus. He prescribed some tablets. I am feeling something (like water getting in to ears while bathing) in my right ear. Sometimes I feel some pain. I want to know whether the hole in the ear drum can be closed by taking tablets or it automatically closes with time? Will the block like feeling in my right ear continue forever?

A:The hole in the eardrum is the cause for the feeling of heaviness and hearing impairment. The hole will close only once the ear becomes dry and stays dry for at least 1-3 months. The medicines help to dry the ear. If the heaviness persists, then you should consult an ENT surgeon and get the hearing tested.


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