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How to treat weight gain due to hormonal problems?

Q: My daughter is 15 yrs old. Two years back she suffered from menorrhagia and she took some tablets following which she gained about 10kgs weight. Now she is having irregular periods for the past 3 to 4 months and the doctor has given tablets to regulate her periods. She took the tablet named Regestrone. She underwent sonography and thyroid test but everything was normal. Now again the periods have not come. Her height is 173 cm & weight 75 kg. Should she take those tablets again? Why has she gained weight? What are the ways to reduce?

A:It seems to be a hormonal problem. She should get hormonal tests like FSH/LH, PROLACTIN, THYROID PROFILE, in her blood. She should go to her gynecologist who will treat her period irregularity. She should also reduce weight by exercise and diet control. Vegetarian diet, with lots of leafy green vegetables and fruits, and cutting down on butter, ghee, cheese, fried food, will help control the calorie intake. For her age and height, her weight should be around 50 kg.


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