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How to treat ureteric stricture?

Q: I feel mild pain in the left abdomen (lumber region) and tightness. Ultrasound test showed a stone of the size of 8.1 mm in the left ureter and UV junction. When the operation for removing this stone was being performed it was found that I am suffering from ureteric stricture and accordingly it was treated. Even after treatment I still feel pain in my left abdomen (lumber region). Recently I suffered from piles also. Why this pain inspite of treating the ureteric stricture. Incidentlly I also feel bubbles going up in the left abdomen.

A:Ureteric strictures are difficult to treat, and problems may persist after surgery. One possibility is incomplete relief of stricture. Another is reflux in which the urine from the urinary bladder rises up into the ureter. Reflux may occur as a result of surgery. You will need to contact your urologist. Bubbles in the abdomen? Need more information. When, relation to food, relation to stools and wind, associated with pain or not, vomiting or not, exactly where in abdomen. Piles: early piles can be treated with an injection or the application of a rubber band. Larger piles need surgery.


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