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How to treat the choking problem?

Q: I am a 42 years old male and weigh 60 kg. I am suffering from choking problem and sleep disorder for quite some time. Five years ago, I had undergone operation due to acute tonsillitis and also enlargement of my uvula, so it was cut short. How to prevent choking/suffocation to breathe? Holding my breath for 2-3 seconds makes it very difficult making peculiar noise struggle for breathe - What will happen as age advances? Please advise.

A:Unfortunately not many know about the problem that you have. It is called Sleep Apnoea and removing of the tonsils and the uvula is not the only solution to it. The treatment of this condition is a very well calculated one. It is quite possible that in your case more than two or three sites were involved in producing apnoea. This condition can get worse with age, increasing weight and other metabolic changes, if any. Use of a machine called CPAP is not easy after an operation is done. It is difficult to get a proper seal to increase air pressure. But some advances have taken place and your problem can be solved. I would advise you to meet a respiratory physician who is an expert in treating this disease. You can find them in any big hospital where you live.


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