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How to treat severe worm infestation?

Q: I am suffering from chronic worm infestation of round, thread and hook worms. I have them for more than 20 years but it has been diagnosed now. My report shows protozoa in cystic form. I lost 5 kg. I was operated for a gynae problem and the doctor saw the eggs and worms in the large intestine. But they were not removed. I have not been given the right treatment and my condition is getting from bad to worse. I was asked to chew Zentel and after that, my hands, legs and head starting burning with splitting headaches, water trickling, pricking sensation in the whole body and severe itching of the abdomen and anus itch. My stool reports show ova ascaris fertilized and unfertilised. Mucus ++ and my urine shows proteins. Is it a kidney problem? My surgery for endometriosis was messed up and the doctor asked me to be careful of renal failure and intestinal obstruction.

A:The goals of treatment for worm infestation is to eradicate the infestation, reduce morbidity, and prevent complications. Make sure you are not pregnant prior to treatment. Albendazole (used for hookworm, pinworm, and roundworm) at a dose of 400 mg orally at night and repeated after 3 weeks. Treatment of Entamoeba histolytica is by Tinidazole 600 mg twice a day for 5 days. Prevention of amebiasis is accomplished by eradicating fecal contamination of food and water through improved sanitation, hygiene, and water treatment. Amebic cysts are not killed by soap or low concentrations of chlorine or iodine; therefore, when in an area of endemicity, water should be boiled and vegetables should be washed with a detergent soap and soaked in acetic acid or vinegar for 10-15 minutes before consumption.


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