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How to treat sagging testes?

Q: I am an 18 year old boy. My problem is that I have recently noticed that my testes are sagging and not tight, the right testis is a little longer than the left in the downward direction and there is a difference in the levels of the 2 testes. But sometimes when the testes are tight they are equal in length. Do the size of testes change several times during the day? But I am masturbating normally. Why is this difference in length and is it a problem? Some time back I had a boil on the thigh and near the testes due to a fungal infection. Now its ok and the doctor examined it and said it wasn't anything internal. I took anti-fungal antibiotics. Please reply and tell me is it something serious?

A:Level of both the testes is variable and is controlled by a muscle known as cremaster. You seem to be diverting too much of attention on watching fineries of your body parts. Keep busy and leave your body alone. Masturbation is no disease and it does not cause any harm. If you are still not satisfied contact a urologist and clear your doubts.


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