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How to treat retractile testes?

Q: My son has a problem of undescended testicles(both sides) from his childhood. The ultrasound done at the age of 2 could not detect anything concrete. But now a days I can find them sometimes during his sleep but they are not descending to the sack meant for it. The doctor whom I consulted had advised me to wait till he is 3 years old, and if they don't descend by that time, surgery would be done. Now that he has completed 3 years, please advise me regarding this, whether I should wait any further or should I go for surgery?

A:If one is able to feel testes in the scrotum (even high) it is retractile testes and not undescended testes. However, this has to be confirmed by a paediatric surgeon or a urologist. Retractile testes does not require any surgery and, if by chance, it is undescended testis even three years is late.


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