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How to treat phimosis?

Q: My son is 2 yrs 3 months old and he has been diagonised with phimosis. The doctor said that his foreskin does not retract and he needs a circumcision. My son does pass urine normally, jet-like but the tip does balloon up a little while urinating. We have come to this country recently and I am not very confident of undergoing the operation here. We would like to do it back in India when we travel next year. My question to you is - Is circumcision necessary? Can it wait for 14 more months? What are the probable complications that can happen? What is the reason of phimosis? Is there any other way of treating it other than operation? How long will the operation take and what is the post-operative care that is necessary? How long will it take him to be normal after the operation? Someone told us that phimosis may lead to urine retention in the bladder and thus affect the kidney. Is this correct ?

A:You have asked a lot of questions. Non-retractable foreskin at this age is common and physiological. Not all require an operation. The only indications at this age are urinary infection or local infection. Ballooning at the tip may become a minor indication, but I would wait. There is no rush to operate. It never causes back pressure changes on the kidneys. Keep the skin clean.


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