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How to treat persistent stool infection in a child?

Q: My 3 months old daughter is suffering from infection for the past 1 month. 1. stool test shows e.coli bacteria 2. nor-metrogel suspension - medicine was given for 5 days from 10.8.02 along with stibs (stibs for 3 days) 3. I am giving only breast milk,no suppliment at all. breast and other hygine in 100% maintained 4. now the problem has reoccured and since two days she is passing stools green with blood stains 5. doctor has asked to continue the same medicine. Kindly suggest me what else I need to do. How does my child come out of the infection problem once and for all.

A:It is unfortunate that your daughter is suffering from a persistent stool infection, aggravated for the last two days with the passage of blood and mucus in the stool. First of all, let me reassure you that E. colibacteria in stool are quite often normal. The first principle of treating a dysentery in a 1 month old baby is that you should give no other feed or even water except Breast feed exclusively for the next one month. If, as you say, the stool contains blood, you may try giving Syr. Taxim-O 3.5 ml. twice a day for 5 days to fight the infection. I would , if the blood persists, get a stool examined for a routine & microscopic examination andcommunicate the result to me. But just remember, no other feed than Breast feeds for the next one month.


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