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How to treat persistent pain after hernia surgery?

Q: On 31st October 2000, I had been operated for a single hernia. Till this day, the operated area on the inside is tender and gives me some pain. About eight months ago my GP had examined me and found no sign of hernia developing again. I don't feel any lump on coughing. In April one day, I did lift and carry heavy loads of furniture and suitcases, but did not feel any discomfort due to this. I still wear a truss, but at times this aggravates the pain. Could something be wrong? Should the operation wound have returned to normal by now? I will appreciate your opinion. With regard to allergies, I become asthmatic if I consume chilled wine or beers. Also tend to be slightly asthmatic during spring, when I usually suffer with hay fever/rhinitis. I had been taking Ibuprofen for a few years for arthritis, but stopped six months ago.

A:After hernia surgery persistent pain is unusual, and, to answer your question, the pain should have disappeared by now. However there are a few patients who have a difficult time. Persistent pain may be caused by the entrapment of some nerve fibers in the scar. You should think of visiting some pain clinic in a government hospital. A VERY LAST option is excision and resuturing of the scar. Try to avoid the truss. It weakens your abdominal wall.


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