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How to treat nephrotic syndrome (proteinuria)?

Q: My wife has nephrotic syndrome (proteinuria), hypertension and thyroid problem since last 5 years. She is now 35 and has a daughter. During last 2 months she had a serious problem of gastritis and vomiting and was hospitalised, required saline and also found to be anemic. Now she has a creatinine of 4 and urea 105, but her mental condition has deteoriated. She is being given Prazoprass, Stamlobeta and Amlace, Lasix, antacid and other medicines. I would like to know: 1. Whether she can be cured or not. If so for how long? 2. What food should she have now?

A:Your wife has had proteinuria and hypertension for 5 years. Now she has developed kidney failure with s. creatinine of 4 mg/dl and urea of 105 mg/dl. I need to know whether your wife had a kidney biopsy and what is the cause of her nephrotic syndrome? and need to know the amount of protein she is excreting in 24 hrs urine. Once this information is available then I can advise regarding the questions you asked.


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