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How to treat nasal polyps?

Q: I am having nasal polyps and anosmia. I was operated two years ago for nasal polyps but they have recurred and the cavities are full. I feel better with nasal spray as it decongests my nose. Is it harmful to use these sprays and can these sprays damage the kidney or liver? What are the chances of getting the smell sensation back?

A:Nasal polyps are actually water and mucous filled bags that develop in the nose following allergy. Their surgical removal doesn't guarantee complete cure or prevent recurrence. If the allergy is kept under control, there are chances that polyps may not recur. Nasal sprays that are advised are actually steroid sprays. Steroids maintain the normalcy of the unstable nasal lining, shrink the polyps (the reason why you feel better after using them) and also have a strong anti-allergic effect. Prolonged use under medical supervision is the best for you as self medication is addictive and also harmful. Like other steroid preparations, the side effects of steroids do appear but in the case of nasal sprays rather late. The area of the nose that actually helps us to smell is the one that is present in the upper and the back portion of the nose and the bony septum that separates the nose cavity into two. Anything (swelling, polyp, mechanical defect like septal deviation) can prevent the scent filled air from reaching the areas and thus the person gets no idea of the smell. The absence of the sense of smell is called anosmia. Removal of polyps again and better control of allergy can bring the sense of smell back in your case.


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