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How to treat itching around the anus?

Q: I am suffering from this problem for three years. I get itching near the opening we use to pass motion. I was operated for fissure in 1999 and since then this problem continues. It sometimes gets watery also. If my stomach is not clear then it persists heavily. Is this because of constipation or some problem in operation? Please prescribe some medicine, I would be grateful.

A:You may have 1. a recurrent fissure, or 2. hemorrhoids (piles). Both should be checked out. If you are over 40 years of age there is some urgency in getting the check. You may take a medicine called DAFLON, 500 mg twice daily, for 3-4 weeks. (THIS IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A CHECKUP!). The other thing you must do is take a high roughage diet, a diet rich in fiber. If your intake of vegetables is low, and if your stool is not soft and well formed, you may add Isabgul, 2-4 teaspoons every evening, to your diet. This is safe, and has no long term side effects. It should help. (This statement of safety may not be applicable to all laxatives.)


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