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How to treat injuries to the large intestine?

Q: I had a road accident two years ago following which I was operated upon for Blunt Trauma of the Abdomen (BTA). The exploratory laparotomy revealed tear in the diaphragm coupled with mesenteric tear and injury to the sigmoid colon. I had an end colostomy for eight months. Complications such as sepsis and septicaemia, as the injuries were detected after three days, resulted in main wound infection. The wound took eight months to heal and a scar was formed. Following the second surgery after eight months, the surgeons restored bowel continuity and managed to excise a fair amount of the main wound scar. Incisional hernia developed within a year. Recently, I underwent a third surgery for hernia. A large mesh (Marlex Bard) was implanted and the operation went off successfully. Now after about one and a half months of surgery, I often experience pain on both the sides of the abdomen. It seems that the mesh implant causes pain resulting in discomfort. I want to ask how long the mesh will take to settle down and for the body to get accustomed to the implant? Will it have any effect on normal life? What precautions should one take and for how long? Secondly, since I have undergone three major surgeries, each one lasting for more than five hours under general anaesthesia, would the anaesthesia have adversely affected the body or left any side effect?

A:Injuries to the large intestine (colon) are almost invariably treated by a colostomy. After serious injury, healing is a problem. It is quite common to develop a hernia. The pain that you experience is not unusual after surgery for an incisional hernia. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to be pain free, but sometimes takes as many as 4-6 months. You will be well: have patience. You will have no long term effects from the multiple operations.


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