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How to treat impotency caused by an accident?

Q: I met with an accident 5.5 years back and my pelvis was fractured and I developed stricture urethra. After performing internal urethrotomy (rail road method), my urine passage was made 5 years back and after getting dilatation once in a week (presently once a year), I have no problem in passing urine. But impotency has occured after internal urethrotomy. Some fluid is always running from my penis in the morning and erection is not very good to perform sex. Doctor advised me to take NUVIR capsule daily as this would help me a little. I am a high blood pressure patient also and taking Losartan potassium and Amlodipine due to which my blood pressure is normal. Will taking NUVIR medicine continually affect my blood pressure? Please advise me an alternative medicine as my family life is going to be finished within no time if I am not cured.

A:After consulting your cardiologist or the physician who is giving your BP medicines, try tab Penagra 25 mg one hour before sex. Don't take it if you don't plan to have sex. If this doesn't work, take 50 mg tab. DO CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FIRST. You should not be taking nitrate group of medicines like monotrate etc. You never mentioned your age in your query. In your case it is important. If you or your physician is afraid of prescribing this which is viagra of indian market, see your urologist and learn self injection of bimix or trimix from him. In any case I don't agree for papaverine alone. Your urologist will explain this to you.


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