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How to treat hypertension and hyperuricemia (high uric acid)?

Q: I am suffering from high B.P. for the last 5 years. All the new series of medicines like Amlopress AT, Cardace, Amlovass, Tozar etc have had side effects like tightness of chest by Amlopress AT, persistant dry cough with Cardace/Amlovass. The doctor has finally given me Arkamin-H in the morning and Arkamin plain in the evening along with Repase-50 one O.D. There are no complications with this drug and my B.P. is now 130/80-125/75. I am on the NSAID medicine for the last one year now. Recently, on a routine blood test it was observedthat mu uric acid level was increased to 9.2 as against a normal of range of 7.0. After repeating the test the doctor has put me on Zyloric 1 b.d. for the last two months and the uric acid has come down to 6.5. I have recently developed skin rash and am controlling the same by Cetrazet-10. Actually my upper limit of B.P. rises to 200 at times, but lower levels are maintained at 90-95 prior to taking of the above medicines. I have undergone all the tests like angiography of kidney with special attention to adrenal glands, urine analysis for catecholamines etc besides all possible blood tests, TMT etc. (normal).kindly advise me proper medicines so that uric acid does not increase off and on. I am taking 3 pegs of alcohol on weekends and like to eat good non veg food. My wt. is 90 kgs. I would appreciate proper advice.

A:I have gone through the detailed history and find that you have most likely essential hypertension and hyperuricemia (high uric acid). You are being treated approximately but your target blood pressure should be less than 130/80 mm Hg. You need to consult your doctor for uncontrolled blood pressure. You have not given your age and height, I guess you look overweight. I would like to know your blood lipid profile. You will surely need to reduce weight, should also avoid red meat in general and drink only one or two small pegs and not more than that.


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