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How to treat high blood pressure?

Q: I will be completing 42 in two months time.I have been on treatment for high blood pressure since the age of 18. Now I find that it is difficult for me to tolerate the side effects of the medicines on one hand and of the hypertension on the other. How can high blood pressure affect the aging process and would it lead to any further complications? I would like to know what precautions I should take specially at times when I get severe depression? I was told by my eye doctor that already the pressure has started affecting my eyes - all this sounds scary - what can be done to prevent or reduce these effects? What excercises should I do apart from walking and meditation. Presently I am on Listril Plus, Nicardia Retard 10mg (afternoon and night) and Depin 5mg (SOS).

A:The BP has to be kept below 120/80 mmHg to prevent long term complications like heart disease, strokes and kidney failure. You must, in addition to drugs, use life style modifications like exercise for at least 30 mins per day; high fiber vegetables & fruits; salt intake less than 6 gms per day; weight loss (if you are overweight) and alcohol in moderation (less than 3 ozs per day). I notice that you are probably not taking a diuretic in your medicines. If it is so please contact your physician . It will help controlling your BP better. If you follow these long term measures you should do well. In addition, get your lipids evaluated from time to time. If high, you might need medication for that also.


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