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How to treat heel and back pain due to high uric acid?

Q: I am 31 years old. I am suffering from severe low back and heel pain from the past 4 years. The pain increases whenever I put stress on my heels. I have consulted many doctors and all of them have diagnosed it as high uric acid level after viewing the X-rays of both the joints. My latest blood reports are: Blood sugar (Fasting): 90 mg/dl; blood urea: 16 mg/dl; serum creatinine: 0.8 mg/dl and Uric acid: 7.3 mg/dl. I have been prescribed the following medicine for 1 week: Zyrolic (1-1). Please suggest a solution.

A:Gout is a fairly common disease and it varies in its liability to flare up and in the severity of its symptoms. It is often, but not always, inherited and it can complicate other diseases. The usual treatment is rest during an attack since this may suffice. Allopurinol (Zyrolic) can help by reducing uric acid in the blood and in the affected tissues. A diet low in meat and wine is advisable and comfortable shoes are essential if there is foot pain. Local massage, acupuncture or counter-irritant dressings with material such as Tiger Balm can all help. For severe pain, more potent drugs such as Cox 2 inhibitors are needed. It is important to recognize that inappropriately treated gout can lead to joint damage and kidney impairment. However, many cases are mild and should not present a significant problem with respect to life style and future health status.


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