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How to treat enlarged adenoids (pharyngeal tonsils)?

Q: My son, who is now almost 5 years, was diagnosed as having enlarged adenoids and was operated last year. However, his snoring and mouth breathing continued. His X-ray done later again showed enlarged adenoids, and they are so large that we have been advised another surgery. How is it possible that once the adenoids have been removed, they are showing up again in the X-ray? Can adenoids grow again after they have been surgically removed? What is next course of action to be taken for my son’s well being? If we go in for another surgery, is there any guarantee that the problem will subside forever and he will be able to breathe normally?

A:Normally adenoids do not grow back. However, unlike tonsils, there is no way of ensuring 100% removal, and some tissue may be left behind. Sometimes after surgery, there is excessive scarring, which causes obstruction and not adenoids. If there is severe obstruction, then repeat surgery is definitely indicated. Guarantees: only the lord gives, but it should help.


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