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How to treat bed wetting in adults?

Q: Yesterday late morning when I was about to wake up, I saw a dream in which I saw myself urinating in someones bathroom but realised soon that I had started urinating in the bed. This is happening to me again after about 3 and a half years and this has happened around 5-6 times in my life after seeing myself urinating in my dream. I would like to know: 1. Whether this is a psychological disorder? 2. Is this normal? 3. I notice that I am able to control the bladder if I position my penis upright while going to sleep so that there is no problem for erection, to stop the urine flow. Do you feel I should be able to control my bladder without an erect penis? If you want more details on this kindly ask me. It would be a great help if you suggest a solution for this or suggest whom I should go for treatment.

A:Noctuenuresis (bed wetting) is not normal, particularly so if it is a grown up individual. The additional feature in your case is that you are aware of what you are doing. To me it is a dream and sleep related disorder. Ideally, it should be handled by a psychiatrist and a urologist. You could begin from where ever you would like to. If I have to recommend, begin with a psychiatrist. You should not worry as you will get over it.


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