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How to treat an anal fissure?

Q: I have developed an anal fissure. Some kind of a sharp edged (small) cyst has also developed. I have no pain even if I press that cyst. But the problem is while passing stools. In a month, for 20 days I get pain while passing stools and the pain continues for 2-3 hrs. I really feel uncomfortable even while sitting and working in the office. As the day progresses, the pain gets reduced. It starts off again the morning when I go to pass stools. Most of the time I get itching around the anus. I also feel that the motion is incomplete, i.e. I go twice or thrice daily. Keeping in view all these problems please tell me if I have developed constipation? If so, how to control it? What is the cyst-like thing? Will it remain the same in size as days progress or will it increase? Do I need to undergo some kind of surgery to remove it or are there any other methods to remove it? What should I do with this anal fissure? Why do I get relief for 10 days in a month without any kind of medicine?

A:Anal fissure is best described as a split in the musculature and the mucous membrane of the anal canal and this split can be variable in length and depth. Anal canal is enriched with its nerve supply and what this means is that the condition is a very painful one. Constipation is an association but it is not very clear if it is cause or the effect. Painful anal lesion will naturally cause sufferers not to go to the toilet and hold back to prevent pain, which in course can become chronic constipation. It is ideal to use a mild laxative regularly and to use anaesthetic suppository which will give some temporary relief. This however does not help to heal the problem. Therefore surgery by an expert is advised.


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