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How to treat allergic cough in a child?

Q: My son, who is 5 1/2 yrs. old, is going to school (by AC bus and the class room is also airconditioned). He is suffering from cold and cough (gets a hissing sound from deep inside the chest) and is getting these attacks very frequently (almost once in every 2-weeks). According to the child specialist we refer to, it may be because of chocolates my son takes in school. We don't allow chocolates at home. Another reason the doctor cited is pollution, the chances of which are less because most of the time my child is either in school (located at hill in Surajkund) or in bus or in the house. For your information, I am allergic to dust and smoke and my father is also having cough and wheezing problem. Is it then genetic? How to get my child cured permanently? Is it possible to get it cured by Homeopathic/Ayurvedic treatment, if so where can we get the best treatment in India? We are staying at Faridabad. We'd appreciate your valued reply as we are really concerned and worried.

A:About your son, I feel he may have an allergic cough, especially if he coughs more at night, associated with vigorous exercise, crying, laughing, or the cough is associated with vomiting. You could try an Inhaler of Foracort 100- Two puffs twice a day, given with a spacer device during his coughing days for 7-10 days. Chocolates in excess are not to be encouraged either in school or at home. Please talk to his teacher about this. His problem is probably genetic, when you tell me about his family background. He probably shall not respond to Homeopathic or Ayurvedic treatment, but his problem shall probably become milder or disappear as he grows older. Do not despair.


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