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How to treat Acute myeloid leukemia?

Q: One of my friend, who is 26 year old, is suffering from AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). Through the net I came to know about some details like stages of AML etc. I would like to know whether it is curable or not and up to which level is it curable? How long does the person have to continue the medicines? If he umdergoes BMT, what are the side effects? Are there any precautionary measures for AML? Please let me know the answers to all these questions.

A:AML is curable in young people specially, the best chances of cure being with a sibling transplant. Please consult the All India Institute in Delhi or Tata in Bombay for details for the transplant. Chemotherapy can also produce long term responses. Courses usually end within a year. Side effects are the usual ones associated with aggressive chemotherapy like depression of counts making one susceptible to bleeding and infections, loss of hair, nausea, vomiting etc. Most are easily reversible. The treatment must be pursued with great patience and perseverance.


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