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How to treat a stone in the pancreatic duct?

Q: I sometimes get a feeling of a kind of pain/irritation at the right lower side of my abdomen for more than 2 years now. I am working in Middle East. During my vacation in India, I met several doctors who advised an ultrasound scan and a CT scan. I also met a Gastroenterologist with my reports who said that there is a stone causing a chronic block in my pancreas duct and removal of it is required by a “serious surgery” for which I have to take 2 months leave. Note: Whenever I eat chicken, I pass blood in my stool. Could you please advise me regarding any latest treatment (without serious surgery) to remove the stone?

A:If the diagnosis of a stone in the pancreatic duct is confirmed, and if it is causing pain, there is no alternative to having it removed. Depending on the size of the stone and its exact position, it may be possible to take it out endoscopically without an open operation. Otherwise the choice is surgery alone.


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