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How to treat a case of throat-choking and myocardial bridge?

Q: I have myocardial bridge detected during a recent angiography but it showed no artery-blockage. I had to go for the angiography since I had throat-choking without any chest-pain when electro-cardiography indicated flattening of V1 TO V6 leads. I am, however, pulling on with normal activities. My question is whether I require to take any precaution? Presently I have been advised by my doctor to take Dilgem 60 thrice daily which I am continuing.

A:Myocardial bridge is by far and large an innocuous finding. However it is desirable to get a stress thallium study done in view of occasional choking sensation with some minor ECG change. Rarely, ischemia has been reported which then needs treatment. There is no specific treatment required, if BP is high it needs effective control.


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