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How to reduce extra fat from hips and thighs?

Q: I am 25 yrs old fit and healthy with no health complications. I weigh 74 Kg and stand 5 ft 11 in. I was going to the gym also. My problem is that I have amassed fat around my hips and thighs which makes me feel awakward and I feel very concious of it. I measure 39 in. around the hips. I would be grateful if you could please let me know if centers like VLCC, berkowits really help in spot reduction. If spot reduction therapy does not work, will jogging help remove the fat from hips and thighs??

A:I can not support the idea of spot reduction personally because it is not really possible to move fat from one part of the body alone unless you go in for a surgery (Liposuction). The best way is to exercise and as you mentioned that you are going to the gym as well, you can ask the gym instructor to teach you certain exercises which are focussed mainly to shape up thighs and hips. Those exercises if done in the right manner do help shape up.


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