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How to prevent frequent cold and bronchial infections?

Q: I catch colds very frequently especially in change of seasons. I also suffer from asthma and have heavy breathing. Whenever this happens I have to take antibiotics. How can I prevent this thing from happening? How do I increase my immunity to these frequent cough and cold infections?

A:There are two ways to prevent frequent cold and bronchial infections: Life style changes and vaccinations with vitamins. Do put on adequate clothes to keep warm in the mornings and do not get up from bed and put warm feet on cold floor - stockings or slippers will help.

  • Take bath in water at body temperature.
  • Avoid crowded place like fairs, cinemas, etc.
  • Avoid eating masala, chat, etc.
  • Take vitamins and an adequate nutritious diet i.e. vitamin C, antioxidants minerals, etc.
  • vaccinations/ immmunoglobins for flu or inj. histoglobe or immune enhancers like septilin or others. Most recurrent infections have been due to immune deficiency - can get tested for immune profile, the tests will also reveal if you have in addition dust or mite allergy which can be controlled by immunotherapy.


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