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How to prepare a child for an interview?

Q: My 3 year 2 month old daughter is undergoing interviews for nursery admission test. She is in pre-nursery tuition since January. She answers very well to the teacher as well to me. But at school interview (5-6 times) she cries. On failure, I scold & beat her and didn't talk to her one and half day which caused her to shiver although she had fever (around 100 degree F) in that night. Now I am scared. Would it effect her mind for long? I have done so many things for her to do well in interview like mock interview with others, more & more interaction with others, to stay at others house for an hour. Then also it didn't improve.

A:I do not think you need to take these interviews so seriously. It is not a fair assessment of a child. I certainly feel that scolding or beating a child as punishment for crying during an interview is counterproductive, it will ensure that the child performs even more badly. Instead you should be supportive and not yourself get tense about these interviews, as the tension transmits itself to the child.


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