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How to plan a weight loss programme?

Q: I weighed 106 kilos 8 months ago. I started attending gym and counted my caloric intake - around 1800-2200 kcals per day (No heavy dieting). I reduced to 99 kg in 3 months time. But, after that I have not lost a kilo for the past 5 months. What could be the reason? In gym they say that weight loss occurs only if you workout without any; if I sweat I wont lose weight. I am 28 years old. They have suggested that I work keeping my heart rate below 127, but I dont feel like doing any exercise if I do my workouts in that range. I sweat slightly or feel the body warming only if my heart beat crosses 145 beats. I dont do any weights just climbing, jogging and cycling. What should be the heart beat range in which one should work out to reduce weight?

A:First, there is no connection between weight loss and the amount you sweat. Body heat is another thing but sweating or not is not an indicator of your heart rate, nor the amount you will lose. Yes, the range of your heart rate is a beter benchmark to go by, but by no means, the only one. For sucessful weight loss to occur, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration. Your input (in terms of calories) has be less than your output (in terms of calories burnt). ALSO, you need to build in a combined programme of cardiovascular AND weight training (be it in the form of free hand exercise also). Since you are overweight and have not met with much sucess after the first attempt, I suggest you see a specialist to help you through your problem. Both a dietician to help you plan your meals and a fitness specialist to plan your exercise routine and follow it closely.


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