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How to overcome food dislike in children?

Q: I am giving my 5 month old baby solid diet now. He takes vegetable puree easily but not fruits. Can I mix little fruit in vegetables and give him and can I put formula milk in all kinds of vegetable and fruits puree to make them thin? When can I start giving him pureed meat, and is it alright to mix homemade puree in ready made puree available in jars? Also, can I freeze mashed banana and give when needed to my baby after heating in boiling water pan in a cup. Should the food after freezing be kept in an airtight container or plastic bag which I can tie on my own. I have asked so many questions, but am sure you will help me out. Thanks, waiting for your reply.

A:I would answer your questions one by one. Like adults, little children also show likes and dislikes for food and if your baby likes vegetables more than fruits it is pretty normal. Do not force him to eat fruits and if you want you may add fruits to vegetables incase your baby likes it like that. May be you can try to feed same fruits puree after few days, sometimes babies show temporary dislikes and if forced to eat them they reject it more often. As far for pureed meats, it will be better to wait till your baby is around 10-12 months.It will be better to give fresh mashed banana to your baby instead of freezing it at home. Home freezed food products may not be as safe for your baby.


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