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How to manage UTI in children?

Q: Earlier also I had sent some questions regarding my daughter (6 years old) she is frequently suffering from UTI. The recent urine culture reports also show E. coli bacteria. The doctor hasagain suggested giving Nitrofurantoine tablet for 10 days (half tablet 3 times a day) for 10 days and then half tablet per day to continue for a longer period. Dear Doctor, is it harmful if we give this antibiotic to my child for so long? Please give your valuable advise. Note: We had done all her tests -X-ray, ultra sound, blood, MCUGI etc. and were found to be normal. Sincerely, Rocky

A:Your child needs a detailed evaluation. If her basic tests i.e. ultrasound, MCU are normal, there is no major worry. Firstly it must be established whether she has a UTI or not. Does she have fever? Is she constipated? Does she hold urine for long periods of time? Furadantin does not cause any problems, but it must be given only if indicated. You must see a paediatric surgeon in your area who can then guide you.


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