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How to manage undescended testis?

Q: I am a male of 29 years. At the age of 16 I noticed that one of my testicles has not descended. At that time, due to some fear or shyness, I did not disclose this to anyone except some friends who told me that there is no cause for worry. I am now married for over a year but we don't have a child as yet. My semen test is normal. Recently I met a doctor and he also said that one of my testicles is inside. I want to know if this testicle can be brought down and is there any surgery required? Will it create a problem regarding fertility? I also have the problem of very delayed ejaculation during intercourse. I am very tense about this and request a reply covering all the points raised.

A:Obviously, now your testicle inside abdomen has been destroyed. However, you need not worry about your fertility as the normal testes in the scrotum will take care of the sperms as well as the hormones. At this age I see very little cosmetic reason to bring it down. Perhaps you do not know that testicles remaining inside abdomen for such a long time are more inclined to develop cancers and for that reason it would be better to get rid off the undescended testis. This has nothing to do with your delayed ejaculation.


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