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How to manage ulcerative colitis?

Q: I am suffering from acute ulcerative colitis for the last 2 years. After getting treatment from a Sr. Gastroenterologist, in Bhubaneswar, the condition is okay. He prescribed the medicines as follows: Masacol 1 TDS, Zincofor 1 TDS, and Mosid MT 2.5 mg thrice daily. I have been taking these medicines daily since then. In the meanwhile, my condition deteriorated twice, but normalised after taking medicines. The doctor said that it was due to infection. As per his advice I am not taking any milk since then. At the initial stage colonscopy was done by him. Now the doctor is saying that it is not necessary to go to Delhi for further check-up. Kindly advise me regarding further course of action - Di I need a further checkup or not and what type of food is to be restricted?

A:There are no food restrictions. Colonoscopy is needed after 4 years from the initial one. Continue the medicines prescribed. This disease is chronic so will come and go. Colonscopy will be needed more freqently later to reduce risk of cancer.


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