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How to manage testicular pain?

Q: I underwent uretero-renoscopy (URS), pneumolithotripsy and DJ stenting late last year for the removal of a 12 mm stone. I am a diabetic (last reading of Random blood glucose 149 mg/dl. I am on Dibizid-M, Glimpress 150 M/F, Tenormin 25mg and Becosule one a day. I must admit that the sugar is not managed well. Last month I had severe pain in my testicles and backache. The tests revealed urinary infection with isolated organisms of Proteus sp and bacterial count of 50,000. I was treated with Baycip 500mg and Baycip URO 100mg and am still on treatment. Abdominal ultra-sound revealed no stones and normal liver and kidneys but a prostrate size of 3.5x3.6x3.6 with a non-homogenous texture and irregular hyper-echoic lesions in the prostate suggestive of calcification. Post-void sonogram showed about 20ml of residual urine in the bladder. Impression: Cystitis and Prostatitis. (These were all normal in the ultra-sound done on 4 months ago). My hemoglobin is 13 g/dl and TLC 5,400/cumm. If this is a disorder, nothing has been prescribed to correct it. A couple of days back the foreskin started itching and there was inflammation and a cut too and application of Canesten ointment was prescribed. I have persistent pain and sensitivity of the upper curvature of the left testes and mild backache. I spend hours in front of the computer. I am a journalist/novelist. Bowel movement is normal but initially hard and requires straining. The urine output is normal and there is no loss of weight, appetite, sex-drive etc.

A:If other tests are normal, try cap Urimax 0.4 mg at night once a day. Diabetics are prone to fungal infection of penis beneath the foreskin. Hygiene will help but you may finally require circumcision which is good for you. If pain is not relieved with the capsule, consult an orthopaedic surgeon for your back. Sometimes testicular pain occurs due to tiny ureteric stone. Get a repeat ultrasound after 3-4 weeks.


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