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How to manage some diseases of the colon?

Q: My son aged about 23 years, diagnosed with colon lymph glands and he was operated a year and half ago. Now he had been to the doctors in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh where they are residing, informed that still there is a problem, there is no growth but it is like a colon section is getting damaged, however, he is doing well and his health too ok. But when the doctors made the examinations they told him to under go another operation and remove the section of the colon. My question is what will be the future of my son? How he is going to recover after the operation and the success of the operation. What is your advice, please guide me.

A:I am not certain about the meaning of the words colon lymph glands. Surely this was not the diagnosis. He may have had colonic adenomas, or diverticulitis. I am sorry, but on the basis of available information I cannot give any useful answer. You are probably not asking the right questions. Let me name some diseases of the colon, that may occur at this age: 1. Colonic tuberculosis: this is treated by medicines, and surgery is rarely required. If he does not have pain or vomiting, he should not need surgery. 2. Colonic diverticulitis: this illness is rare in Indians. The colon develops small outpouchings (diverticulas) that get infected. Patients have pain, diarrhoea / constipation, and fever. The treatment is by antibiotics, but operation may be needed. Patients may need more than one operation. 3. Colonic adenomas: these are small nodules within the colon. They can be diagnosed by endoscopy (colonoscopy). The adenomas should be removed, again usually by endoscopy. Some adenomas cannot be removed in this way, and surgery is sometimes required. Adenomas can turn into cancer. An occasional patient will have hundreds of adenomas: this patient has a high risk of cancer and should undergo an operation to remove the colon.


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