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How to manage sinusitis and pharyngitis?

Q: Six years back I had gone through the septum surgery but till today the wound in my right nostril is still there and sometimes blood drops come. Also I am suffering from ethymoidal sinusitis as per diagnosis from CT Scan. 10 years back, I had been operated for tonsillectomy in my right side throat. After 5 years of operation there was a continuos itching in my right side throat which doctor diagnosed as pharyngitis. I had taken homeo as well as ayurvedic for a couple of years but no improvement. Now the itching started in my left side throat also. Is there a possibility of throat cancer? I had taken so many antibiotics whenever the pain became severe and my voice became hoarse. Please suggest treatment.

A:No, you have crusts in the nose formed due to the tear and damage to the mucosa of the nose during surgery. It is fairly normal thing to happen and it is not sinusitis. Kindly try to clean or douche the nose daily with a mixture of warm water, pinch of salt and a spoon of baking powder. Mix them in the warm water and put it in the nose. This will loosen the crusts. Apply some ointment or some cream to the nose to keep the nose wet. Tonsillectomy is generally done on both sides, I don't know why you say it was done on one side only. Please confirm this with your doctor. What you get is an inflammation of the larynx or the voice box. Try steam inhalation daily, drink plenty of water, stop smoking and don't shout or talk too much. Please do see an ENT surgeon. No, it is not cancer.


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