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How to manage severe muscle and back pain?

Q: I am 31 year old male. For the last one year I am suffering from continuous muscle pain. I have done all tests and every thing is normal. Few days back I got the ANA test done, which is positive. Now doctor advised again ANA test; if that also comes positive, then a biopsy test. I have Back pain also. I am taking treatment of a physician. Please advise.

A:The first point is that anti-DNA test done by the routine ELISA technique (i.e. the widely used method in India) gives wrong results. Secondly, one never does anti-DNA test before doing the ANA test. Anti-DNA test is done ONLY if the ANA test is positive. The second point is linked to the above. If some body does not know this simple rule of how to use these laboratory investigations in clinical situations then, obviously, you would have to change the doctors. It is strongly advised that you contact any qualified rheumatologist who would take a proper history to make a provisional diagnosis and then requisition appropriate tests.


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