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How to manage severe hair loss?

Q: I am an 18 year old student who is suffering from severe hair loss. I took finasteride tablets for 6 months and also observed some hair growth. Then my consulting doctor had resigned and I had to consult another dermatologist who told me that taking those tablets would result in infertility. So now for past one month I am taking mintop lotion. But I am very depressed all the time. Please suggest me what to take? Can I really regain my hair?

A:I assume you are a male even though you do not mention it. It is not uncommon for menfolk to lose hair more particularly if there is a family history of male type of baldness. Finastride is one form of treatment given by several dermatologists and physicians; unfortunately I generally do not favour this medication. Minoxidil, the active constituent in Mintop is used in concentrations of 2 and 5%. If 2% does not given you relief, you may try 5% Mintop which may help. You should do this after consulting with your dermatologist since he knows your condition first hand. Lastly there is no reason to feel depressed. Several patients recover from hair fall, though I wish I could say most do. Do not worry any way, male type of baldness occurs in males!


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