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How to manage seasonal allergy?

Q: How do I resolve my problem of allergic (seasonal) bronchitis? What care should I take? I start sneezing the very moment I come in contact with the dusty environment. The moment I come out of the office and sit in a bus, after few minutes, I start sneezing heavily. I am allergic to egg as well. Usually after taking food, I get some irritation an start wheezing with cough. It lasts for half an hour. From the past 8 weeks, this problem disturbs my sleep every midnight. When I get continuous cough, I feel restless and breathless. Doctors have asked me to watch my blood pressure. I have been taking anti-biotics and anti-allergics from the past 8 weeks. I take home made and oil less food. I do not take spicy food at home / outside. My blood report: Eosinophils - 16 (Range 1-6). I am taking Glevo 250, zyncet (levocetrizine) and cetrizine.

A:You seem to have a respiratory allergy and the best option for you is to firstly keep a diary of what all you have been exposed to or eaten on the day of the symptoms and take an anti-allergic like levocetrizine immediately. It would be helpful for you to take a steroid nasal spray for about 2-4 weeks and get a lung function test to rule out any asthma during the symptoms.


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