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How to manage recurrence of inguinal hernia?

Q: I had left inguinal hernia due to chronic bronchitis, which was operated and a mesh was placed in 7 years ago. It recurred again after 4 years and was operated again with placing a mesh. But the condition was very complicated. The inguinal region intestine mesh was fused together with fibroid and it resulted in the excision of one of the testis. Unfortunately it appeared again within a few months and I had to be operated again. Yet the problem arose again. I am fed up of this and doctors are denying more surgeries. The bulge is movable and stands over the testis sac. It doesn't go in the sac. I have 3 meshes in my body and the whole area of operation becomes numb. Please suggest a remedy?

A:If you have a recurrent hernia as it appears from your description it is necessary to get it seen and attended by a competent surgeon so that future complications can be prevented. Multiple recurrences as you have suggested may be due to improper previous repairs for what every reasons, or other factors which cause a strain on the wound in the post operative phase or due to a disorder where healing is defective in some individuals due to a congenital cause. What ever it is it needs to be attended at a hospital.


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