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How to manage premature greying of hair & hair loss?

Q: Dear Sir, I am 26 years male suffering from greying of hair in beard & head and hair loss for last 2 months. I am using clean comb and hairloss lotion but with not much effect. I shifted to Bangalore one month ago and where we are staying the water is hard but this problem started before shifting. Can you suggest any diet, or good shampoo or medicines or anything that can help me? Thank you

A:Premature greying of the hair is usually just a manifestation of the ageing process and, in the vast majority, is nothing more than a cosmetic problem. The greying of hair is caused by a decrease in pigmentation/ colour - in the hairs. While everyone succumbs to greying at some point, premature graying is defined as the onset of graying before the age of 20 in Caucasians and before the age of 30 in blacks. Certain drugs, herbs and supplements (including vitamin E and echinacea) and conditions like thyroid disorders, vit.B12 deficiency (pernicious anemia), and recently even smoking has been blamed. Sometimes a dominant hereditary trait has been blamed. However, the appearance of a grey hair or two, or more, is simply a sign that your ageing normally. Hair coloring agents offer the maximum respite & sometimes a medicine known as Calcium Pantothenate (100mg) bid has been tried. I personally have no faith in this medication. Normally, losing 50-to-100 hairs per day is no cause for alarm but still we should look for the following causes: -Improper hair cosmetic use/Improper hair care -Hereditary thinning or balding -High fever & severe infection -Thyroid disease -Inadequate protein in diet -Medicines used for gout, arthritis, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, or blood thinners. High doses of vitamin A may also cause hair shedding. -Major surgery/Chronic illness -Iron deficiency


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